Where/How did you learn to draw?
Mostly online, through various other artists, tutorials, YouTube videos, etc. Also though a LOT of trial and error.

What do you use to draw?
For digital art, I use Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos Small.
For traditional art, it's a mix of things, but typically various pens, pencils, Copic Markers, watercolors, etc.

What equipment do you use for your YouTube videos?
OBS Studio to record and stream videos. My camera is a Nikon D3300 which I use to record traditional videos and take stock photos. A Samson Go Mic to record my voice. And DaVinci Resolve to edit.

Where are your stock photos or other resources?
I have a few places (I'm so organized, haha). Most of my CC licensed stock photos and resources can be found on my stock Deviantart page. Stock that is specifically CC0 licensed can be found on my Pixabay account. And any additional resources can be found on my Gumroad store.

May I use your art/content for ___?
Most likely not. Though I would rather you ask first instead of assuming the answer. Please respect my wishes with the copyright of my content.

I have additional questions, where can I learn more?
I have a less formalized FAQ you can find here. If your question isn't answered, feel free to shoot me a message and I'll do my best to get to it!