If you are interested in commissioning original artwork from me, be sure to thoroughly read all the information below. Also be sure to read my Terms of Service beforehand. As a reminder, these commissions are for personal use only, please contact me for interest in commercial use.

Availability is limited. To see if I am open for commissions at any time, you may contact me. I do not have a waiting list.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me. Thank you for your interest!

Additional Information

I will draw: original or fan characters, fanart (no Disney or properties), pairings or relationships (polyamory permitted), any genders, anime/manga style, semi-realism style, anthro/furry, tasteful NSFW (will cost more).

I will not draw: complex machinery (mecha, cars, etc), comics, heavy NSFW, fetishes, extreme violence, hate or bigotry against any particular group of peoples or animals.

Commissions Sizes/Types

Physical sizes of the artwork will be up to my discretion unless otherwise discussed. Larger sizes will increase the price.

Sizes of the character options are as follows:
Head-Shot: includes top of head to shoulders
Bust: includes up to the chest
Waist: includes up to the waist
Knee: includes up to the knees
Full Body: includes entire body


Prices are listed in USD. Prices are general ranges and will vary on the detail of the commission. Prices listed are for a single character. Each additional character adds on the same price. (2x for two, 3x for three, etc.) All payments go through Paypal. (More details in my TOS)



Messy/rough, color or shading additions increases price. Traditional or digital.

Head-Shot: 12-20$
Bust: 14-22$
Waist: 16-25$
Knee: 19-27$
Full Body: 25-35$



Black lines, color additions increases price. Traditional or digital.

Head-Shot: 20-25$
Bust: 23-27$
Waist: 25-30$
Knee: 30-35$
Full Body: 37-45$



Base colors only, minor shading or other details increases price. Traditional or digital.

Head-Shot: 25-40$
Bust: 27-42$
Waist: 30-45$
Knee: 35-50$
Full Body: 38-60$



Completely rendered pieces. Can be cel/hard or soft shaded.  Traditional or digital.

Head-Shot: 45-75$
Bust: 47-77$
Waist: 50-80$
Knee: 55-85$
Full Body: 60-90$



Completely rendered portraits. Photo reference is required. Digital only.

Prices start at 103$. Please contact me for details.



These prices tack on to the commission price. Traditional or digital.

Super Simple (top row): 7-10$+ (Usually gradients, solid colors, quick designs, pre-made patterns [digital only], etc.)
Fancy Simple (middle row): 10-25$ (More texture, detail, interactive elements, etc.)
Detailed (bottom row): 30-50$+ (Placement in space, scenery, room, buildings, props, etc.) [UNAVAILABLE]

To see more examples or view the artwork more closely, you can check out my Deviantart gallery.

Want something not listed here? Shoot me a message and we can talk about it!