Another Sketchbook Complete!

Good morning everyone! I hope ya'lls week has been well and that the weekend will be even better! :D I find it a bit timely how my sketchbook tips video went out this month and I also just finished up my current sketchbook! There's definitely no greater satisfaction than reaching that last page, closing up that chapter of your artistic life, and going forward to a new one.

Not Just a Sparkle Tutorial ;)

Happy 2018! :D I hope ya'll had a wonderful New Year and that this year will be fruitful for you! Let's get this year started by LEARNING! (The best way to start the year, let's be honest.)

I'll be going to be discussing a bit of an "older" tutorial today. (It's just a few months old lol) My sparkle tutorial! (If you haven't seen it, I really recommend it! It's a fun and easy trick with the added bonus of getting you more familiar with how Photoshop brushes work!)