Another Sketchbook Complete!

Good morning everyone! I hope ya'lls week has been well and that the weekend will be even better! :D I find it a bit timely how my sketchbook tips video went out this month and I also just finished up my current sketchbook! There's definitely no greater satisfaction than reaching that last page, closing up that chapter of your artistic life, and going forward to a new one.

Breaking the Ice

Something has to be the first post here, right?

So hello person reading this! Welcome to my brand new super fancy website. I know it's a bit empty right now, but give it time, haha.

The main focus of this site will be this blog section. If any of ya'll were familiar with how I ran my Patreon page, this will be similar. Instead of daily posts, however, I'll be aiming for weekly in the new year. So every week or so, I'll have a new blog post with a summary of what I've been doing art wise, along with any tips or advice to go with it. (It'll make more sense as time goes on and I have more posts, haha.)

I'll also probably toss in some old walkthroughs and other things that were previously only available on Patreon, so for now, there will be a couple posts a week, haha. Keep your eyes peeled for loads of goodies! :)

In the mean time, I'm open to feedback! If there are things you'd like to see or other suggestions about how things are so far, feel free to let me know! It's been a long time since I've run my own website, I'm sure this'll be a lot of fun. :)

And of course, if you'd like to help out at all, pitch in for the hosting costs and such, you're welcome to donate to me here. (With no silly extra fees on your end ;))

Thanks for stopping by! <3