My Watercolor Adventure Begins!


Long time no see here! Sorry about the hiatus. Not gonna lie, it can get pretty difficult to manage to stay active on several different platforms while also continuing to make new content. I'll do my best to post more here, especially to catch up with old private Patreon posts and rework/improve them for more blog content here!

As a quick spoiler, I've published a new book! You can find out more about it below, but if you're too hyped and want to see it now, you can buy it here!


I thought I'd talk a bit about my (new ish) ongoing journey with watercolors! If you've been following me throughout this year, you've probably seen most of these already.

It was finally time to branch out and dive into this medium that I had previously only dabbled in! Various times in 2017 I had tried it out, mostly with portraits. But this year, I wanted to go deeper, and really explore more about what this medium has to offer!


And what began as a simple task of exploring watercolors in general, quickly grew into something much more!


The project expanded to me livestreaming this adventure all on Twitch. Where, along with you guys, we tested out various techniques, challenges, subjects, and more! We were learning together, and with that, a new goal emerged!


It became a quest, not only to learn more about the medium, but to learn about the very paper I painted on! It was time to take a closer look and analyze the paper we use, and in this case, I aimed for a very specific set of papers.


Obviously there are loads of options, good and bad, and high quality options (like Arches, for example). But that wasn't what I wanted to test. 

I wanted to test cheap paper. What was the best cheap paper available for people who use watercolors?


Why cheap paper? Well, apart from me loving being cheap with my supplies when and where I can, I know that cheap paper is only what most people can afford. I thought it best to see if I could find what paper would be the best for artists like myself, and to those who can only spend so much.


While I was making a list of cheap papers, wanting to make sure they were more readily available and not obscure, it ended up being a battle between Strathmore and Canson!


We began with Strathmore's mixed media spiral sketchbook, and we continued from there! Jumping to Canson's mixed media, and in the future, to their dedicated watercolor papers.

In fact, ya'll seemed to have enjoyed this journey so much, that I ended up publishing my first art book with all the watercolor pieces I had done up to that point!

If you want to get your hands on it, you can do so here! And if you want me to publish a sequel, let me know! I'm happy to have you guys along for the ride :)


I'll dive more into the details of the papers in a later YT video, so keep an eye out for that. I'm less than halfway through (as I like to finish each sketchbook in full to get as strong of an opinion and understanding of the paper as I can), so there's still a ways to go. But I'm excited for it, and I hope you guys are too!


In the mean time, I'll continue on with this journey, not only exploring the medium, but also these papers, and hopefully I'll be able to help you guys out along the way too!


If you'd like to keep up with my adventures in a more real time setting, you can follow me on Twitch or Twitter, where I've been posting new paintings quite frequently!


Hopefully you found my adventures interesting, to say the least ;)

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