Arteza Sketchbook and Colored Pencil Review


Arteza reached out to me and sent me some art supplies to review for you guys! Note that this is NOT sponsored, but they did send me these for free and have given me an affiliate link in which I'd receive compensation for the referral, at no extra cost to you! For a 10% coupon code, use: BPW-KPR-354

I received their sketchbook and a 72 colored pencil set. So let's get arting!

Going over the sketchbook first, here are my thoughts about it:

100 Pages
5.5 x 8.5 inches
68lb paper

Cheap! In their set of three for 13.99, that's less than 5$ per sketchbook!
Nice texture, worked great with everything I tested it with.
On par with Strathmore, right down to a similar bleed for Copic markers.
Heavier paper weight than Strathmore (by 8lbs) and competative pricing. (It's cheaper!)

Hardcover, least for me. While it keeps the pages flat and more protected, I like easy access, and opening it up quickly was difficult.

The paper has more grip to it than Strathmore, leading to necessary practice and experimenting to get the hang of it.

Overall? I'd recommend it! It's a great cheaper alternative to Strathmore (around 8$ for the same size sketchbook) if you're looking for similar quality at a better price. I'm looking forward to using it more and seeing how it goes :)


Next are the colored pencils! Now to be clear, I'm a super newb at colored pencils and my experiences are very limited, so keep that in mind for this review.

72 colored pencil set
Wax based
1-3 rating on lightfastedness

Very cheap! This set is just about 30$ which is 50 cents per pencil.
Thick pencil core
Feels weighted and nice to hold, more of an art supply than cheap toy sort of deal.
Good range of colors
Nice blending and burnishing

The lighter colors are more difficult to use, harder to blend with and lay down on the paper.
Many of the pencil's barrel colors don't match the actual pencil color.
Reacts a bit randomly to blending with alcohol, though it could just take getting used to.
Difficult to get the pencils out of the metal tin. (Even Alex with his stubby fingers had issues.)
No individual pencils are available for sale, only in sets.

Colors come out of order in the set, you have to rearrange them.
No info packet to explain the lightfast system or other information.
No blender is in this set
Lots of greens

Overall? If you're wanting a cheap set, I say go for it. My only other experience is with Prismacolor and they're a real pain in the butt to work with, and these seem like a solid competitor. (They're even about the same price!) Since I'm not a colored pencil artist, and just physically can't use them, they're not for me, but hey, not bad for a beginner set for sure!

If you'd like to get either of these products or just check Arteza out, you can do so here!

Hopefully you found this review helpful!

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