Another Sketchbook Complete!


Good morning everyone! I hope ya'lls week has been well and that the weekend will be even better! :D I find it a bit timely how my sketchbook tips video went out this month and I also just finished up my current sketchbook! There's definitely no greater satisfaction than reaching that last page, closing up that chapter of your artistic life, and going forward to a new one.

One of my favorite things to do when I finish a sketchbook is to go through it and see the entire thing completed. Flipping through each page and remembering drawing each thing, reliving what I felt in those moments, my thoughts, maybe even what I was watching or listening to. (I often have stuff playing in the background while I draw, so it can be pretty funny to look back and be like, wow, I remember that YouTube video!)

While I'll have a dedicated sketchbook tour for this baby later, what would this blog post be without showing ya'll some pages and my thoughts about them? Not a very good blog post, I'd say! And since we can't have that, here are some sneak peeks on what'll be a later flipthrough video! :D (And if you wanna catch my previous sketchbook tour videos, you can find them all here!)


Starting off, the first three pages! I was mid-Inktober when this one was started, though the first page is actually done in pencil xD A bunch of angry selfies as both vent art (great for mental health!) and expression practice.

Then it's back to pen! Some of my OCs and then some Loomis practice on the third page.


I also did quite a bit of left hand practice toward the end of 2017. This was due to an increase of pain in my wrist (take care of your health, ya'll!) and a bonus factor of practicing with my left hand. I focused mostly on figures, and it was an interesting experiment! You see things a bit differently when using your non-dominant hand. I ended up picking up on things or noticing things I otherwise would've brushed over with my right hand. It worked as a nice mental exercise as well! (Even more bonuses!) And who knows, if I keep this up, maybe one day I could be ambidextrous? Haha.

I used my Tombow N95 marker for these. It's a water-based marker, so a bit different than I'm used to, but still nice for sketches like these.

It's worth a try to draw with your other hand if you haven't already. And sticking to simple figures like these can help fill in your sketchbooks faster too!


The first page is just a bunch of me here. I mean, what is a better free and easier resource for references of the human body aside from yourself? These are from a collection of various selfies and mirror shots I had taken in 2017.

The second page is some torso practice with more of an emphasis on posing the arms, something I find I struggle with more than legs. Gotta give those arms some love too!

And of course, can't forget Alex! I have an entire walkthrough of how I drew this sketch over on my Patreon page if you'd like a more detailed explanation on how I drew it, along with design decisions and such. :)


These two should look familiar! A couple of my prep pages from my 'Draw This Again' challenge. You can read up more about it, my process, and see the finished pieces side by side on my blog post here!


These are the last three pages of the sketchbook! All of which I streamed LIVE over on my Twitch channel! (Psst, if you want to catch me drawing live, go follow me and turn on those notifications ;D)

The first two are Copic landscape studies. Working with a limited palette, seeing how far I can push the colors when only being able to use so few. (I'll have a video discussing this later, but for now, enjoy the art!)

Aaand to end it all off, the very last page!--FIGURES! Because how can you go wrong with figure drawing? These were 30 second studies done with one of Artist's Loft's new alcohol based markers. I used N2 since I like working with greys for new art supplies, especially if I'm only buying one to test, like in this case :)

It was an interesting experience working with the marker. Had some similar feels and not similar feels to Copic. If you guys would like to see a review, lemme know, and spread the word! I'd LOVE to do more marker reviews, but it can get costly, so share my stuff around or donate if you'd like to help fund a future review video!


Thus ends this sketchbook and I'm already onto my next one! Starting a new sketchbook can often be exciting. Who knows what the end result may look like, but whatever it may be, I know it'll be an adventure all the way through! :)

If you need help with starting or finishing sketchbooks, I have some handy tips that might get ya' going! ;D

I wish ya'll the best! Now go out there and maybe doodle a little, or just have some fun, you know, whatever makes you happy xD

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