Watching the Sunset - Walkthrough


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you've been having a great week ^^ Here's another old artwork and walkthrough from October of 2016 previously only available on Patreon.

An assignment from an art workshop I participated in. The assignment idea was to take a complicated picture (I just grabbed a freebie he provided) and use the grid method to enlarge and draw it. (I don't remember the species of plant the original reference was. Some kind of thick looking grass or succulent? xD)

1 - He provided an 8.5x11 grid sheet that proportionally matched an 11x14 grid that he also provided. We used tracing paper to see through to the grid underneath. My original plan /was/ to do the assignment. However, as I went along with my drawing, I was unconsciously going around the top/side/bottom, and it started to look like a tree. I knew that if I wanted to, I would've been capable of completing the assignment as I was told, so instead, I decided to do my own thing and play around.

2 - First time using graphite transfer paper. (Newspaper paper with black ink printed on it works just as well, from what he told us.) Mine worked rather.../too/ well xD You REALLY can't press all that hard, it transfers so easy with barely any pressure. (It even picked up my fingers just holding the darn thing down!) So I placed my 11x14 sketchbook at the bottom, graphite transfer in between, and tracing paper on top. Then I went to tracing. Another reason to not press hard, despite being called "graphite," I couldn't seem to erase the stuff :/


3 - Completed transfered drawing. I can't recall when I decided to use pen, if it was from the start of the project switch or elsewhere, BUT, I went with pen.

4 - I used Pigma Sensei ink pens. I have a set of four and used all of them for this project. (My .3 is rather dead, which worked out well for later) I initially lined with .4 but realized I wanted thicker lines later, and went over them with .6. The reason for that was to help the inital roots and branches stand out, since I used .4 to fill in the lining details of the tree. It was mostly shaky "stright" lines, some circles within circles, etc. I was just making it up as I went along. 

5 - I wanted the mountains to stand out, but I had no idea what sort of texture to do for them. I ended up yolo'ing since life is too short and this was a random play around piece anyway.

6 - I used 1 to fill in the sky. I did my best to leave in gaps for the little bits of sunlight. Any parts I screwed up or if I wanted more, I used a white gel pen. Uniball Signo--to be exact.

7 - Everything is all filled in. I had been debating on what to do for the parts in between, but finally decided to go with adding smaller/less detailed roots/branches behind the main ones, then hatch or cross-hatch to have them appear more in shadow.

8 - This being the early stages of that decision, but it wasn't coming out as dark as I had planned. The tree was way too light and stood out too much, so I ended up going over those gaps several times more, as well as cross-hatching on the tree itself, to help build up the shadows. I also ended up adding a few stars with the same white gel pen, not sure how I feel about that decision xD

Had I been more patient, especially with the cross-hatching (having the lines be more in the same direction and closer together) I think it would've come out better, but oh well. The point of this piece was to experiment with pen and have fun. I still really like the concept, and I might revisit it some day.


Hopefully you found some of these tips helpful!

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