Lips - Walkthrough #2


Remember these lips? This is an old study from October 23, 2016. This walkthrough and subsequent video tutorials were originally for my Patreon page and I'm now making public for all of ya'll! :D

Decided to give this another go, plus it makes for nice mouth practice :D The steps are basically exactly the same as the last one, just with different lips :)

You can see the full uncropped reference photo here.


1 - Initial sketch. Start geometrically with straight lines, don't worry about details. Only look for shapes! (If you need help with that, here's a quick tutorial!) Only start to refine the sketch after you get the basics down.

2 - Big soft brush, using straight black/white to paint in the values. Messy messy. Refine later. Just focus on getting the main light source! I start in black and white to easily get the values first.


3-7 - Non-stop refining. Using a harder brush to get my edges. The smudge tool to help me blend. Used various brushes set to scatter + low layer opacity for the skin texture.

I have a tutorial on digitally shading eyes that follows the same steps if you want additional help, you can check it out here!


8 - Gradient maps to get my intial colors. I color picked a couple from the base, similar to the previous tutorial. Only a few and I can adjust things more easily with separate layers and such later.


9-11 - Lots of adjustment layers, overlay, color, soft light, desaturation, etc. In total, it took me about 1 hour, but don't feel bad if you take longer/shorter! Everyone is different :)


This was also fully recorded from start to finish, you can see the process below:

This video was originally only for my Patreon. Included in this video is a tutorial on triangulation and measuring. Consider it a special bonus ;)

Hopefully you found some of these tips helpful!

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