Burning - Walkthrough


Happy day everyone, hope ya'll are well! Here's another old walkthrough I made back in September of 2016 :)

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1 - I already had the idea in mind of what I wanted to do, so I went ahead and sketched out some stick figures. Used a pose ref for Tutu from Pixabay. Just getting the concept down.

2 - Getting the anatomy down. Always do the body first before the clothes if you want to get the most accurate form. You can't know where the clothes will fall, how they'll affect things, etc., unless you know what's going on underneath! :P

3 - Layed down the clothes. Not a lot of great refs for Fakir's outfit, which was annoying, but luckily he was facing away and his [glorious] cape (I'm very happy with that cape lol) covers most of him up.


4 - Layed down the flats 50% grey. Lightened up the BG so I could see it better. Justed used the lasso for the big parts and a normal round brush for the rest. I want the base to be solid. I can mess with any needed transparencies later.

5 - Used a big blurry/soft brush using only black (#000) and white (#FFF) for the initial values. I knew I wanted fire along their clothes, so I kept that light source in mind when painting. If you need a reminder, you can always draw a little sun with an arrow or some other kind of marker. (Sometimes you can forget while getting too into it xP Plus little suns are cute.)

6 - Used a harder brush and painted over the inital values. I'm using two layers at this point for each figure. The initial grey base, just in case I want to make easy adjustments later, and the values on top. (And the lineworks, if that counts, but those disappear later :P) Follow the folds of the clothing, keep the light source in mind. I'm very messy, I'll clean it up as I go. The important thing is getting the values down.


7 - Random background. Keeping the edges dark and things lighter around the center. Tried a few different brushes to make things more textured looking.

8-9 - Starting to blend, adjust my values, refine things. I want things a little smooth but I also want some texture, so I'm not blending out everything. Don't be afraid of leaving in hard edges. There are hard edges in the real world with shadow and light. Value studies can help you learn how to see them :)


10 - The fire was made with a soft brush and transparency. I used white (#FFF) and layered over it, progressively getting brighter toward the main source of the fuel. I also over used the brush, then erased it to get some firey particles with hard edges. Looked kind of cool. :)

11 - Initial colors, looks like ass, but it was a start xD Just color picked from the original characters and set the layer to "color."

12 - Making adjustments with "overlay" and "soft light" layers. I'm pretty new with coloring greyscale, so a lot of the time I'm just guessing. Play around, experiment, try different colors, different opacities, different layer settings, see what works for you.


13 - For the fire specifically, I just went to that layer and painted over it with fire-like colors. Starting with a red-orange, filling it all in, then progressively getting lighter and more yellow. Also added some darker bits to the foreground to kind of help keep everything together and better merge the characters with the BG. Keeping it scratchy and textured  :)

14 - Played around with more colors, adding some "soft light" layers with orange and yellow around the fire to really get it to glow. Added those flying ember/particle things for /flare/ (ba dum tss).

The exact brush I made/used will be made available in the future, keep an eye out for it!

15 - Final color adjustments and texturing. I also realized I forgot her necklace, so I added that in the final image x'D GG Sam.


Hopefully you found some of these tips helpful!

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