Lips - Walkthrough


Morning ya'll! (Or at least, to my fellow EST people ;)) Hope ya'll are having an awesome day so far. Thought I'd share this old walkthrough from May of 2016 of some lips. It may be old, but I'm still pretty proud of it :D



WIP shots I took while working on a lips study. Reference provided by Paintable.

1 - 50% grey background. Initial sketch, mapping things out. I didn't initially have that 'heart' shape in the top center, it was instead straight across. I then later changed it to have the dip. Start simple! Basic shapes!

2 - Flat values. Using a soft round brush with pure black and white but low brush opacity. (Not layer opacity, just brush!) Finding where the darks/lights are most prominent. 


3 - Bit of a jump, but it was really all clean up. Using a harder brush, getting more specific with the values. Lay in some harder lines over the soft ones, blend a tad. No longer using pure black/white, taking advantage of the value range my initial blobbing gave me.

4 - More refining, smoothing things out. Blending a bit. Lightened things up under the lips, it was too dark. Darkened between the lips. Added highlights towards the top.


5 - Detailing! I'm not going crazy, just the important stuff. Also hardened the shadows between the lips. Added some reflected light in the center on the top lip where they touch. Did a tiny bit of skin texturing. Soft round brush, scatter, high spacing, low opacity layer. Color pick the values available and paint around.

6 - Overlay layer. Darkened and lightened areas with pure black/white with a soft round brush on low opacity. Pushing the values and contrast.


7 - Gradient maps. Colors taken from the reference. I always get the darkest point first, then the lightest, then go in between with 3-4, /maybe/ 5 but no more. Colors will be adjusted later, these are just the flat colors.

8 - Overlay layer, I think I set it to 20%? Soft round brush. Used high saturated/high brightness of red, orange, yellow, and blue to adjust the skin tones, make it more life-like. Also to help get rid of that dullness that you tend to get when colorizing greyscale images. Had a /touch/ bit of black/white for contrast. Added a tiny bit more skin texture. Some random textured brushes, scatter, high spacing, etc. Use what works!


9 - Final image. Last color adjustments (used color balance, shadows more blue, highlights more red/yellow). I also desaturated it a tad (11%) since it was too saturated and unnatural lol.

Hopefully you found some of these tips helpful!

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