Hello There - Walkthrough

Hello blog stalkers, it's time for another old artwork walkthrough. ;) This one is from September of 2016.


Base nude sketch and then the clothes on top. This is to better identify where the clothing will fall, how the folds will work, etc. Was tempted to try to upgrade his outfit, but meh, I guess I'm still partial to the dress shirt + jeans look he has XD


Lineart, tried to play with line weight more than I normally do. Then flats. The undershirt is also white, but I didn't want it to look too samey. (Thanks to Pepper for suggesting I go with his gold eyes XD)


I did a mix of cel and soft shading. I used the lasso quite a bit to get fast hard edges, then the smudge tool. I kept the smudge tool at more of a distance since I didn't want a completely smooth blend, just a touch. For the hair, I went over a few spots with a soft brush, since I wanted more control over how soft things were. (Sometimes the smudge tool can be finicky.) I also darkened the shirt cuz omg that white was overwhelming lol. PURPLE :3 I'm glad I went with that for the background, it works well!


Then some backlighting + texture to kind of make things more interesting and DONE! (Also some uguu blushu hehe) No idea how long it took since I took breaks every so often and didn't time myself, but guesstimate would be 2-3 hours?

This is so out of character for him, but it was too fun to do xD

Hopefully you found some of these tips helpful!

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